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How I Work

How I Work

Working in Southsea and Online

I work on the understanding that our overall wellbeing is made up of a complex array of elements such as family dynamics, culture, values, hopes and fears, personal identities, and so much more. This may mean that you're facing issues in your relationships,  health,  work, or perhaps with a past that feels insurmountable or a future that feels uncertain. This can sometimes make it challenging to identify "What is the matter?". I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches to best facilitate your personal journey, considering the multiple aspects of your life such as your background, lifestyle choices,  spirituality, sexuality, body image, sense of purpose and more.

Many people come to therapy because of a sense of unhappiness or dissatisfaction and are unsure about what to do next. Therapy offers an affirming relationship to speak candidly about your emotional discontent and explore what it really feels like to be you.


It can feel uncomfortable to see the undesirable parts of yourself along with the beautiful. As we explore these together, we work to better understand how you have become the person you are today, noticing the repeating patterns, defensive behaviours and internal dissonance.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to contact me below for a free initial conversation. 

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My Approach
Your Options

I work face-to-face and online with adults of any background, creed, race or orientation. I work on a weekly, long-term basis, though I am also happy to work to a set number of sessions.


You may have a specific issue or you may want to explore more in-depth to consider patterns or broader issues. These are things that we will discuss in our introductory session, and we will also review them later in our work together, so there is always space for you to change your mind.

Starting Out

I offer a free 30-minute call for us to have an informal conversation. This is an opportunity for you to share a little about yourself, including if there is something you would specifically like to focus on in therapy.  This is also a great time for you to bring any questions and to experience a little of how I work.

This call comes with no commitment and can be a helpful first step in seeing what therapy could look like for you.

Is This For Me?

Sometimes the support of others in your life doesn't quite seem enough. Therapy is a place to honestly and openly explore your inner self and how you have come to see the world.


For many, this process includes reflecting on how they make decisions and what the main influences have been in their life. This clarity brings a new perspective, often creating more opportunities going forward.

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